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About us

About us


Pic of people enjoying ,music and watching cool bikes

Brief History
For almost 20 years we’ve spent a lot of time in our garage eating pizza and drinking beer with dirty hands. Probably a lot like you, if you are reading this!

Who and Why?
We mix different bike backgrounds:: some of us came from graphic design career with racing teams, others are bike builders and metal workers, a few of us work in motorbike’s magazines. Some are bike photographers and others are just passionate. Passionate about what? Motorbikes, of course!

We decided to put all the attitude that brings us together into a logo to say to the world, 24/7, “I’m a biker. I love my garage time. What about you?” That’s Daje Company. Ask us something about bikes and you become part of the crew, instantly!

Our philosophy
We take the motorbike world very seriously. Mmm no. Maybe not…
Talking seriously, as we say in roman slang mangiamo “pane e moto” (“we eat bread and bike”… we know it’s a nonsense for you but it means we are really passionate as you).
So if you want to help us to spread the Daje word, go to the shop and tell the world you are a bike enthusiast… even when you are on a bike!

Our motto

Our motto in an image: Ride, party, repeat

What’s “Daje”? What does it mean?

“Daje” is Roman slang and it can mean different things. It means “Good luck” or “I’m in” or “C’mon, you can do it!”
When we started yelling it at the Sultans of Sprint Race Championships touring in Europe, everybody started repeating it.
So we decided to export this typical Roman word because it’s positive, it brings us luck (something that all the bikers need), and it makes you feel like you’re part of a big family.
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Want to help us to spread the word? Join us!

Where are we?
Our home base is in Roma, the Eternal city, but we travel a lot to follow our riders. We love to support those who try to push limits no matter what.

You’ll find us everywhere, from cafe-racer meetings to enduro rider championships, from sprint races to SuperBike pit lanes!
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How I say "DAJE"?

...Just say this!

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